# Define the order we want to show headers
hdr_order Date: From: Reply-To: To: Cc: Subject:

# Personal headers
# my_hdr From: Remco B. Brink <remco@rc6.org>

# Some pointless Linux advertising
#my_hdr X-Operating-System: `uname` `uname -r` on a `uname -m`
#my_hdr X-Uptime: `uptime`

# Show people where to fetch your PGP key
my_hdr X-GPG-Key: http://rc6.org/rbb.pgp
my_hdr X-GPG-Fingerprint: 56CC 99EF BD17 D7EE 86D7 3AAB 2AC7 7352 912C 9DCA

# Do not show unwanted headers
ignore *
unignore return-path from: to cc bcc subject resent-by date
unignore authenticated-sender apparently-from
unignore x-address x-organisation reply-to
unignore mail-followup-to user-agent x-mailer
unignore x-spammer x-bogosity

# Sort headers
hdr_order Return-Path: From: Resent-By: Reply-To: X-Organisation: \
          X-Address: To: Cc: Bcc: \
          Date: X-Bogosity: Subject: